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To get a real taste of Morocco, why not stay in one of our charming holiday apartments in Marrakech. Our self-catering apartments in Residence Miramas, in the heart of Gueliz, are ideal for families and couples.

Our website has a lot to offer in terms of holiday rentals in Marrakech, here you will find holiday accommodation in Marrakech and the rest of Morocco to suite your budget and taste.

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Morocco Hotels

Morocco Hotels

Book your hotel in Marrakech and Morocco.

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Morocco Car Hire

Rent-a-car in Marrakech and throughout Morocco.

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Excursions and Voyages

Excursions and Voyages in Marrakech and Morocco.

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Moroccan Restaurants

Ultimate guide to Restaurants in Marrakech, Morocco.

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Riads and Villas

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Golfing Holidays Morocco

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Special Events Morocco

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Morocco Holiday Apartments / Morocco Holiday Rentals

Holiday apartments for rent have been extremely popular by local Moroccans going to holiday to various cities in Morocco. This trend of demand for Holiday Apartments in Morocco has has been traditionally popular with French holiday markers or business people visiting the country. In the past, you could only rent a Morocco Holiday Apartment on arrival to Morocco, this has changed dramatically with many websites now offering holiday accommodation in Morocco, online. Holiday apartments are a cheaper option for families and offer a greater scope for privacy than a hotel bedroom. Morocco holiday apartments are mainly found in Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir. Many of these apartments are fully serviced, there area however, some holiday apartments that are self-catering.

Marrakech Holiday Apartments / Marrakech Serviced Apartments

The market for holiday apartments in Marrakech is a well established one. The majority of these holiday apartments are in the Gueliz or Hivernage areas of Marrakech. The majority of these holiday apartments tend to be in buildings that have a swimming pool. Most of the time, the swimming pool is external, but there are a number of Marrakech Holiday apartments in buildings with internal, heated pools, and in some cases these buildings also have a gym and a hamam. Cityred® offers a taxi pick up service to pick you up from the airport and take you directly to your Marrakech Holiday Apartment.

Marrakech Holiday Rentals

In the peak holiday seasons, holiday rentals in Marrakech are a much cheaper alternative than staying in a Hotel in Marrakech or even a Riad in Marrakech, which is even more expensive. Marrakech Holiday rentals are in abundance, but it is wise to book early in order to get good quality holiday accommodation, and it is wise to see pictures of property before you book.

Marrakech Apartment

More and more people are finding that renting a Marrakech apartment can save them money on their holiday to Morocco. It is by far a cheaper option than staying in a hotel, particularly if your aim is to see as much of Marrakech as possible. Here are answers to recently asked questions:

Q1. What do you mean by a self-catering apartment in Marrakech
Self-catering apartments in Marrakech, means that the apartment is fully furnished in a way that allows you to live in it as though it’s your own home. This means a fully fitted kitchen that is equipped with all the utensils, cutlery, pots and pans to allow you to cook in the Marrakech apartment.

Q2. Why bother with self-catering accommodation in Marrakech
Let’s be frank, if you are going to pay in the region of €40 per night for a hotel in Marrakech, it will not exceed 3 stars, and is unlikely to include breakfast. If it did include breakfast, at that price it is very unlikely to be at a standard that you’ll be happy with. Renting a furnished apartment in Marrakech, allows you to make your own breakfast. You can make your own traditional English breakfast that you’re used to, or why not walk around the corner, and buy some freshly baked pastries and croissants – cheaper and more convenient.

Marrakech (or Marrakesh) – Background

Founded in 1070 as a caravan trading post, Marrakech still retains much of its original ancient allure. The “Red City” as it is commonly called, sits at the base of the Atlas Mountains in south-western Morocco. The third largest city in Morocco, Marrakech is home to over 1 million people. Arabic remains the official language of this city as well as the whole country of Morocco, but most natives speak French too, as this is the primary language for conducting business.

Marrakech – Things to See & Do

The city of Marrakech is made up of the new and old city. The old city, known as Medina is a labyrinth of alleyways and souks (bazaars), and the most popular area for travellers to do some serious shopping as the passages are filled with herbalists, perfume makers and assorted craftsmen. At the centre of Medina is Djemma el-Fma, a large central square with musicians, snake charmers, performers and storytellers and a primary gathering place for natives and visitors thanks to the circus-like atmosphere. Especially prevalent are the orange juice sellers, approximately 50-60, all lined up along the square. The juice is freshly made, quite delicious and not to be missed.

Looking over the old city is the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque. This mosque functions as a prayer hall for Muslims. The site is closed to non-Muslims but a leisurely night-time stroll around the mosque is highly recommended.

To really get to know the Marrakech natives and their culture, visit the Dar Si Said Museum. It was once a palace and is located on the Riad Ezzitoun El Jadid. Inside are examples of the Berber way of desert living including arts and crafts, furniture and other interesting artefacts and ornaments.

Another popular museum is the Museum of Marrakech located in Medina. Housed in the Dar Menebhi Palace, which in and of itself is a stunning example of Andalussian architecture, is a collection of ancient and current Moroccan art. The museum also has informative exhibits showing works of Jewish, Berber, Arab and Moroccan cultures.

The Saadian Tombs is another popular place to visit. Built in the 16th century as a place to house the tombs of Sultans, it is highly decorated in gloriously colourful mosaics and beautiful grey Italian marble.

Ben Youseff Madrass is wonderful example of Moroccan craftsmanship and décor. It was an Islamic college built around the 1500s. Thejewel in this building is the courtyard influenced by ancient Moorish design. Built of cedar, marble, and stucco there are prime examples of brightly coloured geometric mosaics to be found throughout the courtyard.
At the end of the 19th century a slave named Abu Ahmed rose to power and built an amazing palace called El-Bahia. Overly ornate and rather gaudy by today’s standard, this palace is well worth a visit.

For sore feet, hire one of the many horse-drawn carriages called caleches to view the Ramparts surrounding the city. Running more than 10km around Marrakech, these Ramparts are a major attraction for the traveller on holiday. The walls are as high as 10 meters tall and the caleches will travel from gate to gate so the visitor can enjoy the amazing Moroccan architecture and craftsmanship.

Step out of the ancient city and spend some time in Modern Marrakech. While this modern vista still retains the pink stone of its ancestors, the architecture is most assuredly from the present century. Here the visitor will find plenty of modern shops and restaurants to experience and enjoy.

For a glimpse into the local flora and fauna of Marrakech visit the Menara Gardens just outside of the city. The gardens are filled with orchards and olive groves cantered around a main building with a lovely sparkling pool. As this is such a popular spot for travellers, plan to visit at the end of the day when the gardens have emptied of visitors. The Majorelle Gardens is another oasis away from the noise and bustle of the city. These gardens boast plants from around the world and contain an outstanding exhibit of desert cactus. Bougainvillea and banana trees surround a lovely home built in various shades of calming blues that was built by the French artist Jaques Majorelle in the 1920s.The Museum of Islamic Art is located inside the gardens and is another popular place to visit. It contains North African artefacts. The best time to view the gardens is in the early part of the day as they can be very crowded in the afternoon. Agdal Garden is another botanical museum just south of the Royal Palace. The gardens are surrounded by several pools and have the majestic Atlas Mountains as a backdrop. Agdal Garden was originally built as a private summer retreat for the Sultan.

Marrakech – Eating Out & Nightlife

Because Marrakech is a Muslim city, drinking and dancing, with the exception of a few European hotels is generally not considered acceptable behaviour. Night time in Marrakech is for eating and people watching. Head back to the Djemma el-Fma in the evening when the orange juice stands give way to food concessions. This is where the native Morrocans go to enjoy a night of dining out. Local dishes of meats, fish and vegetables abound, and at a reasonable price too. Amidst the food vendors the circus-like atmosphere of the day continues into the night with fire-eaters, artistic performers, healers and other entertaining displays.

Marrakech – Getting Around & Local Transport

The best way to get around the old portion of Marrakech; Medina, is by foot or horse drawn carriage. The alleyways and souks are much too narrow for cars, or buses. The new part of Marrakech has several forms of transportation. There are sand coloured taxis called petits taxis that are a great way to get between Medina and the new city. Public buses run regularly and cover the entire new city. However, be prepared for much pushing and crowding. Another means of travel that is more luxurious are the Mercedes Benz cars called grands taxis. More expensive than buses or petits taxis, these are the travel choice when going from Marrakech to a neighbouring town.

Marrakech Holiday Flats

Some British owners of flats in Marrakech, prefer the use of ‘Marrakech Holiday Flats’ to advertise their properties. There are a number of Marrakech Holiday Flats that are available to rent that can be found by searching the Cityred® website. There are a number of flats in the Palameraie area, which are nicely furnished, however, you must be aware the Marrakech holiday flats in the Palmeraie are about 3 km away from the city centre, which means that you need to have a car in order to move around easily.

Marrakech Self-Catering Apartments

Self Catering Apartments in Marrakech are the best solution for a family that is wanting to spend a number of days in the City. Rather than renting two rooms in a Marrakech Hotel, a family could rent a one-bedroom apartment where the sofas of the living room can be used to sleep on. Self-catering apartments in Marrakech can also come with a maid service, this includes daily cleaning and the supply of toiletries.

Aparthotel Morocco (Apart-hotel)

An Apartment Hotel, also known as a Aparthotel or Apart Hotel, is a new concept in serviced accommodation already popular abroad which combines the convenience and services of a modern hotel with the luxury of a fully furnished apartment. We offer on our website some of the best Aparthotels in Morocco.

Marrakesh Apartments / Marrakesh Villas

Hotels and Riads in Marrakech can be pretty expensive, so why not try Marrakesh Holiday Rental Apartments or Villas. Staying a cheap 3-star hotel in Marrakech for example will cost no less than £50 to £60 per night, and only sleeps two adults. Where as a Marrakesh Apartment would cost you around £40 per night and would be large enough to accommodate the whole family. Some Holiday Villas in Marrakesh are cheaper to rent than even hotel rooms.

Morocco Holiday Villas / Morocco Holiday Villa Rentals

Morocco offers some of the most beautiful and elegant villas in the world. Moroccan villas have recently been featured in some of the top style and fashion magazines. Now imagine the chance to stay in a magnificent Morocco Holiday Villa, where you can be pampered and treated like a king. Morocco holiday villas usually come with your very own team of drivers, maids and cooks. Holiday villas in Morocco are available for rent in three major cities, Marrakech, Tangier and Agadir.

Marrakech Holiday Villas / Marrakech Holiday Villa Rentals

Many holiday villas in Marrakech have been built to imitate the architecture of a traditional riad in Marrakech, with a court-yard and a fountain. With over 300 days of sun, a perfect Marrakech Holiday Villa is one that has a swimming pool that can be enjoyed. One of the most entertaining parts of having your own Moroccan cook, is the ability to learn to how to cook Moroccan food, as many holiday villas allow you to take cooking lessons. Many Holiday Villas in Marrakech are near golf courses and views of the beautiful Atlas Mountains. Some villas have quite a large garden and even football pitches and other recreational activities such as table tennis and pool tables. Below we answer some question related Marrakech Villas:

Q1. How can I rent a Holiday Villa in Marrakech
We specialise in Marrakech Holiday Villas. Simply click the button called ‘view villas’ and you get all the villas that are available for rent.

Q2. Are the Marrakech Villas self-catering
Our Marrakech Villas are fully furnished and equipped with all your daily needs. You can certainly cook your own meals, we also offer a Moroccan chef service, and Moroccan cooking classes.

Q3. Why rent a Marrakech Holiday Villa
Renting a Marrakech Holiday Villa is the best way to enjoy this beautiful city. Soak in the sunshine, and immerse yourself with everything that Marrakech has to offer, from shopping in the Souks toexcursions to the Atlas mountains.

Q4. What makes Cityred’s Self catering Apartments in Morocco and Marrakech different from existing Hotels and Accommodation in Marrakech?

Below we have listed some of the benefits of our Morocco Holiday Rentals compared to existing Morocco Holiday Rentals, Self catering apartments in Marrakech, and serviced apartments in Marrakesh.

Serviced Accommodation, Flats and Apartments in Marrakech, Morocco.

If you think you know all about serviced apartments or serviced flats, think again! Cityred is a new take on a classic idea. Our recipe for bringing luxury serviced accommodation to Marrakech is to build luxury serviced apartments all with a fully functioning kitchen, work desk, sitting area, broadband internet, plasma television and of course a comfortable king size bed. Our Morocco holiday rentals are the ideal place to stay if you are looking for the luxury and convenience of a hotel in Marrakech but like to stay in spacious apartments in Marrakech. Cityred opens a new way of staying away from home for those looking for serviced lets in Marrakech, Morocco.

Short Term Accommodation and Marrakech Apartment Lets.

There are times when work or personal circumstances can take you away from home. Short term lets are notoriously difficult to find anywhere in Morocco. Even if you use the Internet to search for holiday rentals in Morocco there will be many that advertise as short term apartments, but in actual fact when you get down to the detail, the letting agents actually consider a short term let to be 6 months. What if you require short term accommodation in Marrakech but don’t want it to cost the Earth? The answer is our Morocco Holiday Rentals. Lets face it most of us live in the 4 star lifestyle at home. Why should it be any different when you are away from home, especially if you are looking for an apartment for 3 months. Cityred offers luxury apartments with the convenience and service typical of a hotel.

An Apartment Hotel, also known as a Aparthotel or Apart Hotel, is a new concept in serviced accommodation already popular abroad which combines the convenience and services of a modern hotel with the luxury of a fully furnished apartment.

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